2017 Breeding Schedule

This is our tentative 2017 breeding schedule. All breedings are subject to change until the doe is confirmed bred.

Click on the dam/sire’s name to go to their page and get more information on them.

A $50 deposit is required to reserve an unborn kid.  There is no deposit required for wethers, I will maintain a wish list for those who would like a wether from a specific breeding.  All wethers are $125 each or $100 when purchasing two or as a companion for a doe. Please see our sales and reservation policy for more information on reserving kids. 

We are very selective on what bucks we allow to remain intact as breeding bucks.  We want only the best animals going on to influence other herds.  Any buck that is not fit to use in our own herd will be wethered and sold as a pet.

Kidding Schedule
Doe Buck Due Price Reservations Comments
Star Vincent 03/04/17 $700 Kidded with quads Expecting very correct kids with beautiful udder genetics from this pairing. Blue Eyes Possible Bucks Offered. Planned Pedigree
Twinkle Mo 3/08/17 $450 Kidded with a single buckling Here we are focusing on milk production and large easy to milk teats! Can you say flashy kids?! Repeat breeding that produced very correct kids. Planned Pedigree
Colleen Hottie 03/07/17 $350 Kidded with triplets Similar breeding to the pairing that produced Colleen's lovely half sister Fiona. Planned Pedigree
Steph Vincent 3/14/17 $550 Triplet bucks. 1st doe-PW Expecting some beautiful kids from this pairing! Kids should posses excellent dairy strength and correct overall conformation. Very nice udder genetics here as well. Repeat breeding that produced a lovely doe kid that easily earned her junior leg! Blue Eyes Possible. Bucks OfferedPlanned Pedigree
Audrey Mo 03/17/17 $350 Single doe kid. 1st doe-AB. 2nd doe TS. These kids should have excellent dairyness and overall refinement. Audrey easily earned her junior leg and I'm looking forward to seeing her as a 1st freshener! Planned Pedigree
Rochelle Hottie 03/28/17 $450 Doe Possibly retained. Doe-KH. 2nd doe TS Rochelle is one of our most promising yearling first fresheners. Beautiful udder with solid overall conformation to back her up. Hottie has consistently produced correct refined kids. I look forward to seeing what this pairing produces! Bucks Offered. Planned Pedigree
Ruthie Mo 03/11/17 $350 2 bucks These kids should be correct with nice width and length throughout. A very nice combination of genetics here. Planned Pedigree
Avalon Vincent 03/15/17 $600 Kidded with quads. 1st doe-AB. 1st buck-TS Looking forward to seeing these kids! Loose linebreeding on Zenith. Should produce very correct kids that excel in correct structure and udder conformation. Blue Eyes Possible. Bucks Offered. Planned Pedigree

Wether Waiting List: 2 wethers MC, 2 wethers, BC, 2 wethers CS, 2 wethers JR.