For Sale


Junior Does:

Molly M

Walsh Kids N Molly Malone (Walsh Kids VV Neptune X Walsh Kids PJ Irish Melody$550 We retained Molly’s littermate and are sooo close to retaining her as well! She is everything we want to see from our breeding program, this doe is long and has incredible width of body for her age! She is a little tank! We love that she is overall very correct in stature and has the dairy strength that we want to see in all of our milkers. Her dam has one of the best udders in our herd and is only one leg away from earning her CH title. Molly’s sire has produced some beautiful kids this year and is looking quite nice himself! This doe has a nice mixture of Algedi and Castle Rock lines in her pedigree as well! Planned Pedigree


Walsh Kids M _______ (Walsh Kids AG Mozart X Algedi Farm MH Avalon$750 *Pictured as a three week old* We had planned on retaining this doe but her littermate sister suffered a broken leg and so we decided to keep her here instead as a brood doe. This lovely buckskin doe looks so much like her dam! She is very refined but also has good width of body and length. She stands on a strong set of feet and legs and has a very nice shoulder assembly. Her dam is looking so good as a 7 year old and is only one leg away from earning her CH status! Avalon is a very petite doe but constantly surprises us with her longevity of production and somehow looks better every year! Since Avalon is one of the last breeding does with the Algedi herd name this little doe is hard to part with. Mozart has become one of our foundation bucks and continues to sire lovely kids that excel in dairy strength and body capacity. Planned Pedigree


Walsh Kids HH _________ (Poppy Patch Honey Ima Hottie *B X Walsh Kids VV Bette Davis$400 *Pictured as a three week old* This doe will be one of the last of Hottie’s daughters born in our herd! Loose linebreeding on Tupelo and Jupiter as well :) She is showing much potential and we expect her to freshen with a lovely udder if she is anything like her dam. This doe is loooooong and refined like her sire but has impressive dairy strength and body capacity. Bette Davis freshened for the first time with a very correct mammary system, she has good attachment and definition of the udder, with good teat size and placement. Her udder texture is so soft and easy to milk! Planned Pedigree

Senior Does:

Walsh Kids HH Black Cherry (CH Castle Rock Rochelle X Poppy Patch Honey Ima Hottie *B VEE 88) $450 – Reserved

Senior Bucks:

Wash Kids HH Orion (CH Alethia DJ Starry Night VEEE 89 X Poppy Patch Honey Ima Hottie *B VEE 88) $600 Orion is a very nice young buck that deserves a home that will use him more than we can! We have retained several of his siblings and just can’t fit him into our current breeding lineup. Please click on his name to visit his page :)

Poppy Patch Honey Ima Hottie *B VEE 88 (Rosasharn GM Paradoxes X Algedi Farm DJ Just Like Honey)
-Looking for a new home for this incredible buck since we have bred him multiple times to almost every doe in our breeding program. He appears to still be fertile but he is getting a bit older (7 years old) so we are looking for a good retirement home for him. Price will reflect the fact that his breeding years are limited. 

We are always willing to help with transport!  We will deliver to any shows we are attending as well as delivering to within 120 miles of us for a small fee.  Farther locations can also be discussed, just send us an email!