2019 Breeding Schedule

This is our tentative 2019 breeding schedule. All breedings are subject to change until the doe is confirmed bred.

Click on the dam/sire’s name to go to their page and get more information on them.

A $50 deposit is required to reserve an unborn kid.  There is no deposit required for wethers, I will maintain a wish list for those who would like a wether from a specific breeding.  All wethers are $125 each or $100 when purchasing two or as a companion for a doe. Please see our sales and reservation policy for more information on reserving kids. 

We are very selective on what bucks we allow to remain intact as breeding bucks because we want only the best animals going on to influence other herds.  Any buck that is not fit to use in our own herd will be wethered and sold as a pet.

Kidding Schedule
Doe Buck Due Price Reservations Comments
Star Mo June $900 . Star attained her CH status as a lovely 6 year old and continues to improve with age. Mo brings some exceptional genetics to this breeding. Expecting very correct kids with beautiful udder genetics from this pairing. Bucks Offered. Planned Pedigree
Avalon Mo June $750 Doe possibly retained Here we are focusing on milk production and large easy to milk teats! These kids should be have good dairy strength while still being stylish and refined. Bucks Offered. Planned Pedigree
Rochelle Mo July $900 . Rochelle earned her CH title at the young age of three and we hope her kids inherit her lovely appearance and correct structure! We chose to repeat this breeding after watching the lovely Champagne mature and just couldn't resist trying it again! Bucks Offered. Planned Pedigree
Colleen Neptune June $550 Doe possibly retained Colleen has matured into a lovely do with a beautiful udder. She has already produced some exceptional kids and I can't wait to see what comes from this pairing. Bucks Offered Blue eyes possible Planned Pedigree
Lulu Neptune June $550 Doe possibly retained Very excited about this young doe!  I expect these kids to be refined and very correct.  Udder genetics are top notch here! Bucks Offered Blue eyes possible Planned Pedigree
Dipper Hottie June $350 . First Freshener. Dipper is a lovely first freshener that we expect very nice kids from. Planned Pedigree
Cherry Neptune June $350 . First Freshener. Very nice pairing of two of our most promising young animals. Blue eyes possible Planned Pedigree
Champagne Orion June $350 . First Freshener. These young animals are from two of our foundation does and we are very excited to see these kids! Planned Pedigree
Bette Hottie July $400 . First Freshener. Expecting some flashy kids with exceptional production and show potential from this breeding. Blue eyes possible. Planned Pedigree