Bellafire WH Glorianna

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 Glory now resides at Spry Farms!
Date of Birth: 5/26/12
Registered with ADGA
Showing History:
Kidding History: 2014 – Single buck by Trilogy Ranch MH Alpine Gold                                                            2015 – Triplets, 2 does and a buck by Poppy Patch Honey Ima Hottie
Linear Appraisal History: N/A
Glory was a spur of the moment purchase, but an excellent one at that!  Glory is loaded with lots of Roshasharn, Poppy Patch, and Algedi lines!  Not only is she linebred on CH Rosasharn’s TL Zenith, but she is also a CH Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna granddaughter!  
Glory’s dam, Ophelia, is a beautiful doe!  Her udder is very well conformed, with wonderful texture and perfect teat placement.  If Glory’s udder turns out anything like hers I will be very happy!   
Glory’s sire, Honesty, is a handsome fellow!  His dam, CH Poppy Patch Not Quite An Angel, is a beautiful doe all around.  She easily earned her CH status as a 2 year old second freshener with her fabulous udder and overall correct conformation.
Glory herself is turning out beautifully!  She has wonderful length of body and a nice level topline.  She stands on straight legs with nice tight toes and good rear leg angulation.  I would like to see a bit more body capacity but that will come in time.  I am very happy with Glory’s 2nd freshening udder.  She has a very well attached udder with near perfect teat placement.  She has wonderful texture and her teats express so easily!  She milks down to nothing in a matter of minutes.  She has gained a lot of capacity with her second freshening!
In this picture she was totally done with the whole show thing!!
2nd freshening, 6 weeks fresh, 10 hour fill.
1st freshening, 4 weeks fresh, 12 hour fill.
Dam: Alethia CRC Ophelia 5*M +EEE89 (Photos courtesy of Bellafire Farm)
2013 Salem show side view4
Phi rearudder2013ThirdFresh
Sire: Poppy Patch BR With Honesty (photo courtesy of Bellafire Farm)
Sire’s Dam: CH Poppy Patch Not Quite An Angel (Photos courtesy of Poppy Patch Farm).