New Arrivals

Alethia SB Ningaloo X Quaking Canopy St Elmo’s Fire – Single DOA buck 🙁 born 5/12

Algedi Farm MH Avalon X Curbstone Valley AD Prophesy *B *S – Twin does (1 DOA) born 5/10/21

N22 – Gold and white doe – Retained!

Walsh Kids VV Bette Davis X Walsh Kids M Atlas – Triplet bucks born 5/7/21

N21 – Chocolate with white (blue eyes) – Possibly reserved

N21 – Gold and white – Reserved Ashley S.

N19 – Buckskin with white – possibly reserved

Walsh Kids M Pocket of Posey X Quaking Canopy St Elmo’s Fire – Twins; 1 buck 1 doe born 5/3/21

N18 – Buckskin with white doe – Reserved Erin M.

N17 – Gold and white buck – Reserved Erin M.

Walsh Kids Black Velvet Band X Quaking Canopy St Elmo’s Fire – Triplets; 2 does, 1 buck. (1 doe DOA) born 5/3/21

N16 – Black and white buck (Blue eyes) – Reserved Mandy W.

N15 – Black doe – Retained!

N14 – Doe (doa)

Walsh Kids VV Christianna X Quaking Canopy St Elmo’s Fire – Triplets; two bucks one doe born 4/30/21

N13 – Gold buck with blue eyes – Reserved – A. Fritz

N12 – Black and white doe with blue eyes – Retained!

N11 – Black and white buck – Possibly reserved

Walsh Kids M Champagne X Walsh Kids VV Neptune – Triplets; two bucks one doe born 4/26/21

N10 – Buckskin with white – (Deceased)

N9 – Light gold – Reserved as a wether

N8 – Silver buckskin – Reserved as a wether

Walsh Kids VV Little Dipper X Walsh Kids P Danny Boy – Twin does born 4/23/21

N7 – Gold with white Reserved A. Fritz

N6 – Chocolate buckskinRetained!

Walsh Kids HH Elara X Walsh Kids AG Mozart Quintuplets born 4/15/21

N5 – Black and white doe N/A

N4 – Buckskin with extensive whiteReserved D.Bullis

N3 – Buckskin with extensive white N/A

N2 – Black and white buck Reserved – Mandy W.

N1 – Gold and white buck N/A