Mystiques TB Spirit


Jemima is getting a well deserved retirement after being one of our first herd members!

DOB: 3/28/09

Registered with ADGA, AGS and NDGA

Showing History- ADGA/AGS 2x 2nd Place Dry Senior Doe; 1x 2nd, 1x 1st Place 4yr old Milker

                        Linear Appraisal History: 2014 – VVEV 87                                                                  2015 – +VVV 88

     Kidding History: 2012 – Twins, buck and doe by Mystiques DSO Tuxedo Blues                                          2013 – Twins, buck and doe by CH Mystiques BN Como V+E ’88’                                    2014 – Triplets: 2 does, 1 buck by Trilogy Ranch MH Alpine Gold                                      2015 – Triplets: 2 does, 1 buck by Poppy Patch Honey Ima Hottie      .

Spirit is our resident herd queen.  She keeps everyone in line but in a motherly way.  Jemima has a nice level topline and sharp withers as well as strong, straight legs.  She stands very squarely on her feet.  She has great length of body and she is very wide.  I am so happy with her third freshening udder!  She has wonderful capacity and excellent rear udder height.  I would like to see more centered teat placement and larger teats but other than that I am happy with what I see.  Jemima scored V’s in almost every category in Linear Appraisal as well as an E in Body Capacity! I really like the consistency that we are seeing in her kids.  They have all inherited her length and width of body, correct feet and legs, and great body capacity.  Jemima is milked out in the body picture.




3rd freshening, 3 weeks fresh, 12 hour fill.


Dam: Apple Hill Kids Spirit Of Lil’ Be

Sire: Mystiques Como Tatonka Blue

Picture coming soon.

Sire’s Dam: PGCH MYS DSO Tuscan Sun Blues

Photos courtesy of Mistique Miniatures