Walsh Kids M Pocket of Posey

Pictured with a partial fill.

Date of Birth: 6/27/19

Kidding History: 2021 – Buck/Doe twins

Show History: N/A

Linear Appraisal History: 2021 – AVAV 82 (First Freshener)

When Avalon gave me quadruplet does in 2019 I couldn’t help but retain Posey and her sister Wendy. Avalon has had such an impact on our herd throughout the years and brings some impressive genetics with her. She is the last (that I know of) producing does with the Algedi Farm herd name and we feel so lucky to have her! Avalon didn’t look like much as a two year old but now as a 9 year old she is stunning! Those “slow to mature” lines take patience but are so worth it in the long run!

Posey reminds me very much of her dam as a two year old, definitely still immature (as reflected in her LA scores) but I see a lot of promise in her! She had the easiest kidding of all our does in 2021 and was a very devoted and attentive mom. 

Posey freshened with a beautiful udder – very well attached and with good texture. I look forward to seeing how she matures as she continues her lactation.

ADGA Genetics Page

Dam: Algedi Farm MH Avalon EEVE 90

Sire: Walsh Kids AG Mozart VVE 88

Sire’s Dam: Castle Rock Allegro EEEE 91