Walsh Kids VV Christiana

Date of Birth: 5/24/16

Showing History: Never Shown

Linear Appraisal: 2021 +EVE 88

Kidding History: 2020 – Single Doe. 2021 – Triplets: 1 doe 2 bucks

We had originally sold this beauty as a kid but since Rochelle hasn’t given us many daughters we decided to reach out to her owner to see if she’d consider selling Chrissy back to us. We are so happy that she agreed! Chrissy came to us with her single 2020 doe (De Novo P Auriola) sired by Algedi Farm DJ Piper!

Chrissy’s udder as a 3rd freshener is just beautiful! Very productive and very easy to hand milk with those long teats! Definitely one of the best udders in our herd currently. She has wonderful depth of body and is a very easy keeper. I hope to get her out in the show ring more in 2022!

ADGA Genetics Page

Christiana’s daughters in our herd: De Novo P Auriola, Walsh Kids SEF Shadow

4th freshening udder, 12 hour fill:


3rd freshening:


12 hour fill with a single doe


Dam: CH Castle Rock Rochelle +V+E 87


Sire: Sierra Aspen BI Vincent Vega VEV 87 *Photo courtesy of Old Washoe Ranch and M. Hammon

Sire’s Dam: Algedi Farm DJ Defying Gravity (Deceased) *Photo courtesy of Sierra Aspen Ranch