Walsh Kids M Pocket of Posey

Date of Birth:

Show History: N/A

Linear Appraisal History: AVAV 82

Kidding History: 2021 – 1 buck 1 doe

We had not planned on retaining this doe until she attempted to escape and damaged one of the growth plates in her rear leg! We honestly were not sure if she would ever walk normally or be able to extend/bend that leg ever again. We kept her assuming that she might do well as a brood doe only to have her completely recover! We couldn’t be more pleased that we had an excuse to keep her.

Posey freshened with a beautiful udder – very well attached and with good texture. I look forward to seeing how she matures as she continues her lactation.

ADGA Genetics Page

Dam: Algedi Farm MH Avalon VEVE 88

Sire: Walsh Kids AG Mozart VVE 88

Sire’s Dam: Castle Rock Allegro EEEE 91