Walsh Kids HH Orion

Date of Birth: 6/30/18

Showing History: N/A

Linear Appraisal: N/A

Lovely young buck out of one of our favorite breedings. We had not planned on keeping another Star son but this guy just kept looking nicer and nicer! When his littermate sister Walsh Kids HH Elara earned her Jr. leg in stiff competition we decided Orion could stay for a couple breeding seasons 🙂

Orion produced several very nice kids for us this year that inherited his length of body and smoothness of blending. I am excited to see how they mature!

Orion is for sale because I cannot justify owning four Star sons! He is too closely related to many of my does and for this reason I am letting him go to a new herd that will use him more.

ADGA Genetics Page

Here are some of Orion’s siblings:


Camanna HIH Mocha Swirl Utopia resides at Camanna’s Petite Paradise and earned an impressive EEEE 91 in Linear Appraisal, including E’s in shoulder assembly, back, and rump! (Photo courtesy of Camanna Farm)


Walsh Kids HH Twinkle (full sister to Orion) Pictured as a 3rd freshener.



Bellafire HH Patty Cake 1*M resides at Bellafire Farm and is maturing beautifully in her second freshening! Here is what her owner says about her mammary system: “Such an incredible mammary system! Overall probably one of the most CORRECT all-around mammary systems in our herd. LOVELY soft texture, large teats, excellent rear udder height, nice foreudder, and amazing capacity.”

Patty Cake



Walsh Kids HH Serene Night 1*M V+VV 88 (full sister to Orion) also resides at Bellafire Farm. She earned an impressive V+VV 88 as a second freshener even though she had suffered a tough case of mastitis! Here is what her owner has to say about her: “Serena is a lovely dairy doe with the perfect blend of substance. She has a beautiful head and long lean neck, big spring of rib and lots of width!” Thank you for giving her a wonderful home Traci! (photos courtesy of Bellafire Farm)



Walsh Kids VV Little Dipper


Walsh Kids HH Elara (littermate sister to Orion)


Dam: CH Alethia DJ Starry Night VEEE 89


Sire: Poppy Patch Honey Ima Hottie *B VEE 88


Sire’s Dam: Algedi Farm DJ Just Like Honey (Photo courtesy of Poppy Patch Nigerians)