Walsh Kids HH Twinkle

Twinkle now resides at Sequoia Mountain Creamery! Thank you Elisabeth!

IMG_3108Twinkle’s 3rd freshening udder. So happy with this doe!


Above picture: Twinkle at last year’s Linear Appraisal. 2nd freshening with a single buck kid.


Date of Birth: 4/13/14

Registered with ADGA

Showing History: 2nd Place Dry Yearling

Kidding History: 2016-Quads; 2 bucks, 2 does sired by Walsh Kids AG Mozart                                             2017-Single buckling                                                                                                           2018-Quads 2 bucks, 2 does.

Another beautiful Hottie daughter!  Twinkle certainly has his coloring!  This doe is a wonderful combination of her dam and sire’s best qualities.  Excellent dairy character, beautiful feet and legs, correct bone structure, I could go on and on!

Twinkle’s dam, Star, is a very long bodied doe with very nice length and width of rump.  She stands on very correct feet and legs with wonderful rear leg angulation.  I love her brisket extension and her sharpness of withers.  Her first freshening udder has surpassed our expectations!  She has a wonderfully well attached udder, lovely teat size and placement, nice udder floor and look at that rear height!  Buttery soft texture and very easily expressed teats, makes milking her a dream!

Twinkle’s sire, Hottie, is so upstanding with a nice shoulder assembly, nice width, beautiful level rump, excellent rear leg angulation, tight toes with great feet & legs. I am just so happy with this guy!  His kids have been very stylish and dairy.  Twinkle is no exception! 

ADGA Genetics Page

Twinkle udder

Twinkle’s 1st freshening udder. Very happy with how she is looking!

Dam: CH Alethia DJ Starry Night VEEE 89

My camera 507

Sire: Poppy Patch Honey Ima Hottie *B VEE 88


Sire’s Dam: Algedi Farm DJ Just Like Honey