Sales and Reservation Policy

Payment in FULL is required before any animal leaves our property unless we have reached an agreement regarding a payment plan.

Reservations on Kids:

For our 2024 kidding season we are accepting verbal reservations on our planned breedings. Please be respectful of our program and treat these reservations with the same significance as you would a paid deposit. Once your kid is born a deposit is required to secure that kid. 

-A $50 deposit is required to hold your selected kid until it reaches 8 weeks of age. Full payment is required at pickup.

-Deposits are non-refundable except in the unlikely event that your reserved kid dies. If the kid you reserved is not born you may transfer the reservation to another un-reserved kid, or reserve a kid from a future breeding.

-I reserve the right to cancel a reservation on any kid, at any time. A full refund would be returned to the buyer.

Reservations on Adults:

-A $50 non-refundable deposit is required on an adult goat. An adult must be paid for in full at time of pickup.

Raising Kids:

-All kids born on to Walsh Kids will be predominantly dam raised, unless we specifically state otherwise. All kids will be accustomed to bottle feeding as this is helpful with our milking/showing schedule. If buyer desires a bottle baby we must know in advance of sale. If buyer is comfortable with bottle feeding the kid can leave here anytime!

-All kids will be disbudded as soon as their horn buds start to appear. If the buyer wants to have a horned animal we MUST know before to the birth of the kid, and we MUST receive full payment at the kids birth before the kid will be left horned.

-Kids are ready for their new homes between 8-12 weeks unless they leave on a bottle.

-Buyer is welcomed to come out and see their kid(s) when our schedule allows.


-The buyer is responsible for making all shipping arrangements. These arrangements must be made before the kid reaches 12 weeks of age, or within 30 days for an adult.

-We will deliver goats to locations within 90 miles of us for $25. Anything further than 90 miles will be charged an extra $ 0.50 per mile for up to 30 additional miles. We are happy to transport to shows we are attending if we have the space!