New Arrivals 2024

Updated 4/1/24

We will have nice set up pictures at some point soon! These are all just placeholders to keep everyone straight šŸ™‚ Does are written in pink text and bucks in blue. Wethers are $100 each or $75 when purchasing two or as a companion for a doe.

*This year I plan on wethering all buck kids unless I plan on keeping one myself. This is not because they aren’t “buck quality” but because I simply do not have the time or energy to put into advertising buck kids. If you are interested in a future herdsire I would offer bucks from the following does: Star, Velvet, Christiana, Cleodora, and Auriola. I am VERY picky about what bucks get to stay intact as breeding animals because there are far too many poor quality bucks circulating in the Nigerian world. Because of this I do not normally offer bucks from first fresheners or any does who have not been appraised or shown. There are always exceptions but feel free to email me if you are interested šŸ™‚

Alethia DJ Starry Night X Quaking Canopy Tequila Sunrise – 2 bucks, 1 doe born 3/4/24

S1 Chocolate doe with blue eyes/polled – Retained

S2- Black and white buck, polled – Retained

S3Chocolate and white buck, polledAvailable

Walsh Kids P Charlene X Old Washoe TT Mario Gotze – Buck/doe twins born 3/8/24

S4 – Black buck – Available as a wether

S5 – Black and white doe – Possibly retained

Walsh Kids P Norma X Quaking Canopy Tequila Sunrise – Buck/Doe twins born 3/10/24

S6 – Black and white buck (polled) – Retained

S7 – Black and white doe (polled) – Available $350

Walsh Kids M Gladys X Old Washoe TT Mario Gotze – Buck twins born 3/10/24 I need to keep one of these but doesn’t matter which!

S8 – Black and white buck (roan)

S9 – Black and white buck

Walsh Kids VV Christiana X Old Washoe TT Mario Gotze – Buck/Doe twins born 3/14/24

S10 – Black buck – Retained for now

S11 – Gold doe – Reserved Tara B.

Walsh Kids P Cleodora X Quaking Canopy Beorn – 2 Bucks/2 Does born 3/15/24

S12 – Buckskin doe with white – Retained or reserved

S13 – Buckskin buck with white – Available

S14 – Buckskin doe with white – Retained or reserved

S15 – Buckskin buck – Available

Walsh Kids DB Laverne X Quaking Canopy Tequila Sunrise – Twin does born 3/16/24

S16 – Black doe (polled) – Possibly retained

S17 – Buckskin doe with blue eyes – Available $400

Walsh Kids M Anicka X Curbstone Valley AD Prophecy – Buck/doe twins born 3/18/24

S18 – Gold and white doe – Reserved A.A.

S19 – Black/white buck – retained for now