Walsh Kids N Kalani

DOB: 7/6/19

Showing History: N/A

Kidding History: 2022 – Single buck by Walsh Kids AG Mozart

This little blue eyed beauty was here to stay the minute she hit the ground! We have been waiting for a doe from her dam for a couple years now and 2019 did not disappoint! I have been so happy with the way all of Walsh Kids VV Neptune’s kids have been maturing. They are very strong but without being coarse. I think that he is the combination of dairy strength/productivity of our Castle Rock lines and the refined/very stylish Algedi lines in our herd. This doe is JUST what I want to see in our breeding program and I cannot wait to see how she freshens for the first time!

I am very happy with Kay’s first freshening udder. While I would like to see more udder capacity I can’t really complain about anything else. She has very easy to milk teats and lovely texture. I look forward to seeing her udder next year with hopefully more than a single kid!

ADGA Genetics Page

First Freshening udder: 12 hour fill

Dam: Alethia SB Ningaloo VEVE 89

Sire: Walsh Kids VV Neptune

Sire’s Dam: CH Alethia DJ Starry Night