Walsh Kids M Codelia

Date of Birth: 7/6/19

Show History: N/A

Linear Appraisal History: VVVV 86

Kidding History: 2021 – Triplets: 2 bucks 1 doe

This little cutie has some major attitude and spunk! She comes from some of our foundation lines and I can’t wait to watch her mature!

Codelia inherited her dam’s width and body capacity as well as her smoothness of blending. Depth of body is something we really value in our herd and I am very pleased at how she is maturing as a two year old. I expect Codelia’s udder to be capacious and well defined as her full sister Bianca has freshened with a lovely udder! This doe is not going anywhere anytime soon 🙂

Codelia freshened with a beautiful udder. Very good texture and definition with nice, easy to milk teat size! I am expecting her to gain capacity with subsequent freshenings.

ADGA Genetics Page


Codelia’s 2nd freshening udder, 12 hour fill


Codelia’s 1st freshening udder, 12 hour fill


Dam: CH Alethia DJ Starry Night VEEE 89 

Sire: Walsh Kids AG Mozart VVE 88

Sire’s Dam: Castle Rock Allegro EEEE 91