Old Washoe TT Mario Gotze

*Photo by Amanda Weber courtesy of Old Washoe and Quaking Canopy

Date of birth: 3/21/18

Look at this handsome dude! I have long admired Mario’s dam Jasmine and finally have one of her sons! Jasmine was littermates to the first buck we ever purchased- Trilogy Ranch MH Alpine Gold or “Glenn” as we called him. We lost him suddenly to bloat as a yearling buck and only retained his son Walsh Kids AG Mozart. Mozart has sired many kids here but is pushing retirement in his old age. This is one of the more sentimental reasons I jumped at the opportunity to bring Mario into our herd.

Mario’s dam Jasmine is a lovely doe out of the gorgeous GCH Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower who scored an impressive EEEE 92 as an 8 year old!

Mario’s sire Triton is a son of Jupiter and Stella Luna, two animals that need no introduction! I am very excited to see how these genetics mix with the does in my herd.

ADGA Genetics Page

I have been very impressed with the Mario daughters I have seen freshen in other herds- here are a couple of them!

Quaking Canopy Ferme La Bouche – Photo courtesy of Alisha Brown, credit to Amanda Weber

Castle Rock Bristlecone Pine – Photo courtesy of Quaking Canopy and Castle Rock.

Dam: Trilogy Ranch MH Jasmine 7*M VEEE 91

*Photo by Sierra Aspen Ranch courtesy of Old Washoe

Sire: Alethia DJ Triton +*B

Photo by Michelle Hammon courtesy of Old Washoe

Sire’s Dam: GCH Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna 4*M VEVE 90