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We are about to welcome our own human baby into the world and so we are looking to reduce herd numbers beforehand. Prices reduced to reflect that! We offer a multiple animal discount – $50 off total price of both animals as well as a performance home discount. Shoot me an email and we can discuss! 

We will be offering several does in milk after they kid this spring. As much as I hate to do it I MUST cut down our herd to a more manageable size with a newborn in the house now. Please let me know if you are interested in a particular doe! I will probably need to move four or five does and it does help me with decision making 🙂

2023 Kids – Please see our New Arrivals page for more available kids! Doe kids listed here with more info.


Two does – Chocolate buckskin with white/blue eyes. (R14) Dark chocolate with white (R13)

Dam: Walsh Kids SEF Shadow (Walsh Kids VV Christiana +EVE 88 X Quaking Canopy St Elmo’s Fire)

Sire: Walsh Kids M Atlas VVV 87 (CH Alethia DJ Starry Night VEEE 89 X Walsh Kids AG Mozart VVE 88)

Two nice and long, leggy does available! Very similar structure between these two. The buckskin is a sweetheart but the chocolate and white one is still pretty shy.

Planned Pedigree

Asking $300 each.


R33 – Walsh Kids WR ________________ – Gold doe with random white

Dam: Walsh Kids M Wendy (Algedi Farm MH Avalon EEVE 90 X Walsh Kids AG Mozart VVE 88)

Sire: Walsh Kids P Wild Rover (Walsh Kids PJ Irish Melody X Curbstone Valley AD Prophecy *B *S VEE 90)

Lovely doe here out of one of my beautiful Avalon daughters. Wendy has great udder texture and rear udder height. She is a dream to hand milk! This doeling has very good body capacity for her age and is a sweetheart! Her coloring unfortunately makes the illusion that she has a short and poorly blended neck but she does not!

Planned Pedigree

Asking $300


R39 – Walsh Kids P Shakira – Gold with white 

Dam: Walsh Kids VV Christiana +EVE 88 (CH Castle Rock Rochelle X Sierra Aspen Bi Vincent Vega VEV 87)

Sire: Curbstone Valley AD Prophecy *B *S VEE 90 (GCH Alethia DJ Written N The Stars 5*M VEEE 91 X GCH Castle Rock Abraham Darby +*B +*S)

Chrissy is a powerhouse doe that has always passed on her willingness to milk and her body capacity to her kids. Normally I would keep this doe (so tempting!) but I already have three Chrissy daughters!

Planned Pedigree

Asking $400


Walsh Kids TS ___________

Dam: De Novo P Auriola

Sire: Quaking Canopy Tequila Sunrise

Planned Pedigree

Lovely doe here!

Asking $400


Yearling Does: 

Walsh Kids M Salt-N-Pepa

Walsh Kids T Thumbelina


Walsh Kids M Atlas VVV 87 will be available after breeding season. I have been holding on to this buck hoping that I could use him but I have too many close relations. He gets bred to one or two does a year and that’s it! Please visit his page for more info.

Regretfully letting this buck go. He has some powerhouse genetics behind him that I just can’t use enough to justify keeping him. Currently he has several nice yearling and junior daughters on the ground. He has added refinement and length of body to all of his kids born here. Since he doesn’t have any freshened daughters he is priced accordingly.

I have retained his littermate sister and many half siblings in our herd.

CL, CAE, Johne’s negative May 2023


Dam: CH Alethia DJ Starry Night VEEE 89  – Also E in rear legs and back. (Alethia RR Stardust X GCH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter *S EEE 91) – Stardust was an Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna VEVE 90 daughter!

Sire: Walsh Kids AG Mozart VVE 88 – Also E in front legs and back. (Castle Rock Allegro EEEE 91 X Trilogy Ranch Alpine Gold) – Alpine Gold was an Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower EEEE 92 son!

We have many 3 month old wethers looking for homes!

We are always willing to help with transport!  We will deliver to any shows we are attending as well as delivering to within 120 miles of us for a small fee.  Farther locations can also be discussed, just send us an email!