2024 Kidding Plans

For our 2024 kidding season we are accepting verbal reservations on kids. Please be respectful of our program and treat these reservations with the same significance as you would a paid deposit. 

I will maintain a wish list for those who would like a wether from a specific breeding. Wethers are $125 each, $100 when purchasing two or as a companion for a doe, and $75 each when purchasing three or more 🙂 Please see our sales and reservation policy for more information on reserving kids.

We are very selective on what bucks we allow to remain intact for breeding because we want only the best animals going on to influence other herds. Any buck that is not fit to use in our own herd will be wethered and sold as a pet.

We offer a multiple animal discount – $50 off total price of both animals as well as a performance home discount. Shoot me an email and we can discuss! 

As you can see we are drastically reducing the number of does we are breeding this year. I MAY add a couple more to this lineup but otherwise the rest of my doe herd will take a year off from kidding.

Wether Wait List/Floating Reservations: 1 wether, 1 doe – Tay L; 3-4 does, 1 wether – Norman W. 1 wether + Carmen – Patrick.

Kidding Schedule
Doe Buck Due Price Reservations Comments
Star Tequila 3/4/24 Private treaty All kids probably retained. Wait list only Kidded with 2 bucks/1 doe Planned Pedigree.
Charlene Mario March 8th $350 . First freshener. Rochelle x Prophecy daughter-Very promising!Kidded with buck/doe twins Planned Pedigree.
Norma Tequila March 10th $350 . Kidded with buck/doe First freshener. Blue eyes/polled possible Planned Pedigree.
Gladys Mario March 10th $350 1st doe retained Kidded with buck twins First freshener. Loose linebreeding on Manuka/Zenith/Jupiter. .Planned Pedigree.
Chrissy Mario March 14th $500 Doe possibly retained. 1st doe TB Kidded with buck/doe twins. Powerhouse milker genetics here! Blue eyes possible Planned Pedigree.
Cleo Beorn March 15th $400 1st doe AA. Doe possibly retained Kidded with 2 bucks 2 does. Last Avalon daughter Planned Pedigree.
Laverne Tequila March 16th $400 . Kidded with 2 does. Blue eyes/polled possible Planned Pedigree.
Anicka Prophecy March 18th $400 1st doe AA. Doe possibly retained Kidded with buck/doe twins. Doubling up on great General Appearance here Planned Pedigree
Velvet Mario April 2nd $700 Doe/buck possibly retained. 1st doe- AB. 2nd doe- SL Blue eyes possible. Loose linebreeding on Jupiter. Planned Pedigree.
Galway Girl Neptune March 30th $400 1st doe retained Kidded with 3 does/1 buck. Blue eyes possible. Similar genetics to Black Velvet Band! Planned Pedigree.
Hera Rover April 5th $350 . First freshener.Mario daughter Planned Pedigree.
Ari Beorn April 14th $400 1st doe retained. 2nd doe TB . Planned Pedigree.
Maika Beorn April 29th $350 . First freshener. Planned Pedigree.
Alice Beorn July 3rd $350 . First freshener. .Planned Pedigree.