CH Walsh Kids Black Velvet Band

Pic credit Amanda Weber

Date of Birth: 7/1/19

Show History: 2023 – 2x 1st place 4 year old, 1x 2nd place 4 year old, 2x best udder of class, 2x Senior Grand Champion, 2x Best Udder of Breed. 1x senior Grand Champion.

Linear Appraisal History: VEVV 87

Kidding History: 2021 – Triplets: 2 does 1 buck (1 doe doa) 2022 Quads – 1 DOA, 3 bucks by Quaking Canopy Tequila Sunrise. 2023 –  Triplets: 1 doe 2 bucks by Curbstone Valley AD Prophecy.

This beautiful young doe was a keeper the minute she hit the ground! She is quite striking with her black coat and blue eyes! After watching her dam mature into one of the nicest does in our herd we were very excited when she gave us twin does. We called them black bear and brown bear for the first week because they were such hefty kids! She has a beautifully shaped head with a wide muzzle that promises productivity as a milker.  We are very excited to watch this girl mature 🙂 She is everything we want to see from our breeding program, this doe is long and has incredible width of body for her age! She is a little tank! We love that she is overall very correct in stature and has the dairy strength that we want to see in all of our milkers. Her dam has one of the best udders in our herd and is only one leg away from earning her CH title.

Velvet freshened with a lovely first freshening udder. She has the best udder texture in our herd with easy to milk teats and nice shape and definition overall. I am expecting her to gain more capacity with future freshenings.

2023 update: This doe really blew us out of the water this year! We attended our first show of the season on a whim and Velvet won her classes in the first two rings she walked into along with TWO Grand Champion wins! Against hefty competition! She finished at the following show we attended here in NV as our first home grown Champion. We weren’t expecting a whole lot this year with a new human baby and all the effort it takes to get to the few shows that are close (ahem under 5 hours) away from us.

The judges kept commenting on how lovely her rump structure is. It is a really great example of how good rump structure allows for the udder to be correct and productive as well. One judge highlighted the fact that she pretty much floats around the ring! She has a wide and deep chest, beautiful head, and overall depth of body that leads to productivity – just what we are striving for in our herd!

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Third Freshening Udder:

Second Freshening udder:

Velvet’s first freshening udder, 11 hour fill:

Dam: Walsh Kids PJ Irish Melody

Colleen sidee

Sire: Walsh Kids VV Neptune


Sire’s Dam: CH Alethia DJ Starry Night VEEE 89