Walsh Kids AG Mozart


Date of Birth: 03/08/14

Linear Appraisal: 2014 (Young Stock) +V+ FS=+, 2015-VVV 86,  2017-VVE 88

Showing History: N/A

Sire History: 2015 – 2 bucks, 1 doe                                                                                                         2016 – 5 bucks, 5 does                                                                                                       2017 – 4 bucks, 2 does

We were always tempted to keep Mo but at the time we we were at our limit in the buck pen.  We then lost Mo’s sire to an extremely unexpected case of bloat. After that the decision to retain Mo was a no brainer. He has a very impressive pedigree filled with both milk and show ability. He is showing some very nice length of body and overall correct features. He has a beautiful shoulder assembly and he stands on a very correct set of feet and legs.

Mo’s dam Merry was a favorite in our herd! Merry was long, level, with wonderful body capacity!  Her second freshening udder was better than I could have hoped! She had a very well attached udder with large teats, with very open orifices. Her udder was definitely everything I want to see more of in our herd.

Mo’s sire Alpine Gold (deceased) was a very correct buck with great width and length of body!  Very flat boned as well. Nice, flat shoulders, very correct legs and feet, beautiful rear leg set and high escutcheon arch. I had extremely high hopes for him and I am sure that Mo will follow in his hoofsteps.

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Some of Mozart’s progeny in our herd: Walsh Kids M Codelia, Walsh Kids M Wendy, Walsh Kids M Anicka, Walsh Kids M Atlas.

Walsh Kids M Champagne


Walsh Kids M Sierra Nevada 

*Photo credit Amanda Weber, courtesy of The Bad Habit Barn


Dam: Castle Rock Allegro EEEE 91 (Photos courtesy of Livin Life Farm)




Sire: Trilogy Ranch MH Alpine Gold *B



Sire’s Dam: GCH Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower 6*M EEEE 91

Ocean*Photo courtesy of Curbstone Valley Farm