Trilogy Ranch MH Persephone

Dad's Phone 793

This beautiful doe now resides at Old Washoe Ranch!

Date of Birth: 2/18/13

Showing History: 1st and 2nd place 2 year old, 2x Best Udder in Class, 1x Senior Reserve Grand Champion

Kidding History: 2015 – Triplet does by Poppy Patch Honey Ima Hottie                                                          2016 – Triplets; 2 does, 1 buck by Sierra Aspen BI Vincent Vega

Linear Appraisal History: 2015 – V+VV 88 (First Freshening), 2017- +VEV 86

Persephone is a doe that went through several awkward stages before maturing into the doe she is now!  She is turning out very nicely and I can’t wait to see her with a few more freshenings on her!  She is a very dairy doe with nice angulation and refinement.  She is showing nice length and width of body while being level over the topline.  Her first freshening udder is looking very promising!  She has a very smooth fore udder and is showing good capacity and rear udder height.  Her udder texture is one of the best in our herd!  If I could change anything I would give her a bit more centered teat placement but that is being very picky!  Overall I am very happy with her first freshening udder and I can’t wait to see her next year!

Her dam Athena is a very dairy doe.  She is as long as a train and has a nice sweep of rib as well as nice angulation and a very nice rump angle much like her dam, Cassiopia. There is little conformationlly that needs fixing. Athena has a good MSL, very nice udder height as a first freshener and teats that point straight down. She is very easy to milk and milks down quite well. Athena also scored a VEEE 90 on her 2016 Linear Appraisal.

Persephone’s sire Manuka Honey is the son of one of my all time favorite does, Tupelo Honey.  Tupelo was an overall extremely correct doe with an outstanding mammary system.  Manuka himself has excellent length of body, nice brisket definition and great ribbing.  He consistently produces very correct kids that excel in the show ring as well as in the milk pail.  I love how Persephone inherited his signature color!

Thank you Trilogy Ranch for entrusting us with this beautiful doe!

Unfortunately Stephanie came down with a bad virus Spring 2016. Although she recovered, her milk production took quite a hit. We’re looking forward to showing her at her full potential in 2017. Meanwhile, she has been proving herself through her kids especially Walsh Kids VV Bette Davis who won her junior grand at only 3 months of age.

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First freshening udder, 4 weeks fresh, 12 hour fill.












Dam: Algedi Farm RB Athena 1*M VEEE 90

Picture courtesy of Trilogy Ranch

Sire: Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey


Sire’s Dam: SGCH Rosasharn’s UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D

Tupelo Body Shot

Tupelo Udder

Pictures courtesy of Algedi Farm