Walsh Kids VV Little Dipper

Dipper side
Date of Birth: 3/4/17

Showing History: 1x Junior Grand Champion.

Linear Appraisal History: VEVE 88

Kidding History: 2019 – 2020 – Triplets: 2 bucks 1 doe by Curbstone Valley AD Prophecy. 2021 – Twin does by Walsh Kids P Danny Boy. 2022 – Single buck by Walsh Kids AG Mozart.

This little cutie survived a pretty rough kidding and is now a herd favorite!  She is a beautiful little doe with many of her parents attributes! We are so impressed with how Vincent Vega’s daughters are maturing. Dipper is long and level with very good general appearance and strong feet and legs. Her second freshening udder is everything we are striving for in our breeding program! Capacious, well attached, with very easy to milk teat size and texture. I see so much of Dipper’s dam in her as she matures and I am looking forward to getting her appraised and shown in 2021!

ADGA Genetics Page

Second freshening udder, 12 hour fill.


Dipper udder

First freshening udder



Dam: CH Alethia DJ Starry Night VVVV 88

My camera 507


Sire: Sierra Aspen BI Vincent Vega VEV 87 (Photo courtesy of Old Washoe Ranch and Michelle H.)

Sire’s Dam: Algedi Farm DJ Defying Gravity VEVE 89 (Photo courtesy of Sierra Aspen Ranch)