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Colleen sidee

Date of Birth: 3/17/15

Showing History: 2nd Place Yearling, 2x 2nd Place 2 Year Old Milker; 1x Senior Reserve Grand Champion, 1x 1st Place 2 Year Old Milker; 2x Senior Grand Champion, 1x Best of Breed

Linear Appraisal: 2017: +V+V 86 (FF)

Kidding History: 2017 – Triplets: 2 Does, 1 Buck                                                                  2020 – Quads: 2 bucks 2 does

I am very excited to have a Merry daughter of our own!  She is the spitting image of her dam at that!  As a two year old she is definitely still maturing but she has her dam’s dairy strength as well as width and length of body.  Definitely a very hard working milker here.

Colleen freshened with a beautiful udder!  She is incredibly easy to milk with near perfect teat placement and size.  She has a well attached udder with a strong medial and nice rear udder height.  This is exactly the type of udder that we like to see in our herd! Colleen did not settle last year (owner error), and so we are eagerly awaiting her second freshening in the summer of 2019!

Colleen’s dam, Merry,  is a favorite in our herd.  Merry is long, level, with wonderful body capacity!  Her third freshening udder was better than I could have hoped!  She has a very well attached udder with large teats, with very open orifices.  Her production and udder capacity just keep getting better every year.  Her udder is definitely something I want to see more of in our herd. Merry also scored a EEEE 91 this year on her Linear Appraisal. I am so excited to see Colleen’s udder in 2017!

Colleen’s sire comes from some impressive bloodlines!  His dam Brie earned the coveted final score of 90 in linear appraisal.  She scored very strongly in dairyness, foreudder attachment, rear udder height, and excellent on udder texture.  His sire Manuka has sired many beautiful dairy kids that have excelled in the milk pail as well as the show ring.

2020 Update: Colleen is currently suffering from a rough case of skin cancer around her tail area. We are working closely with a wonderful vet and hope we can beat this thing before it gets worse. Because of this we are very blessed to have three daughters and a son in our herd to stay.

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First freshening udder:

Colleen Udder

Colleen S Udder


Colleen’s second freshening udder:

Colleen udder backColleen udder side


3rd Freshening Udder


Dam: CRF Castle Rock Allegro EEEE 91


Sire: Trilogy Ranch MH Pepper Jack


Sire’s Dam: CRF Castle Rock Brie 2*M VEEE 90