Walsh Kids M Wendy

Date of Birth: 6/27/19

Kidding History: 2022- Quads, 2 does 2 bucks by Walsh Kids P Taurus

Show History: N/A

This lovely doe looks so much like her dam! She is very refined but also has good width of body and length. She stands on a strong set of feet and legs and has a very nice shoulder assembly. Her dam is looking so good as a 7 year old and is only one leg away from earning her CH status! Avalon is a very petite doe but constantly surprises us with her longevity of production and somehow looks better every year! Since Avalon is one of the last breeding does with the Algedi herd name this little doe is something special. Mozart has become one of our foundation bucks and continues to sire lovely kids that excel in dairy strength and body capacity.

ADGA Genetics Page

First Freshening Udder: 10 hour fill

Dam: Algedi Farm MH Avalon VEVE 88

Sire: Walsh Kids AG Mozart VVE 88

Sire’s Dam: Castle Rock Allegro EEEE 91