Alethia SB Ningaloo

Lulu side

Date of Birth: 4/4/16

Showing History: 1x Junior Grand Champion.

Kidding History: 2018 – Single buck                                                                                                               2019 – Single doe

I had put a reservation in on a Tawari doeling in the hopes that Tawari would have more than one doe kid. Needless to say, I was disappointed when she kidded with a single doeling. Then, a couple of months ago we got the chance to buy Lulu from Alethia Homestead! We are overjoyed to have Lulu in our herd. As of this year she is one of only two Tawari daughters so she’s rather special. Love this little girl!

Lulu freshened with a beautiful first freshening udder and despite having a single kid her production was very good! She has incredibly soft texture with large, easy to milk teats. She has a strong medial with excellent rear udder height. We are looking forward to seeing her after another freshening!


Second freshening udder:

Lulu udder

Lulu side udder










ADGA Genetics Page


Lulu as a yearling






Dam: CH Algedi Farm DJ Tawari Honey VEEE 90


*Not fully bagged in above picture*

Tawari udder

Tawari’s 2nd freshening udder. Love it!

Sire: Alethia HB Sirius Bizness


Sire’s Dam: CH Algedi Farm D Capella VEEE 91


Pictures courtesy of Alethia Homestead and Algedi Farm.